• The very special and effective combined exfoliating treatment with two cosmetic masks is a blessing for every type of skin and every age group; it relieves any skin condition on the face or body, eg. acne, acne scars, seborrhea, rosacea, cellulite, age spots (liver spots), wrinkles, ingrown hairs.

    The AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment (50ml) is formulated with gentle yet powerful natural fruit acids to dissolve dead and dull skin cells and reveal a smooth, radiant complexion. Improves skin tone and texture, soothes sensitivity and boosts cell renewal. The Paprika Herbal Treatment (50ml) boosts circulation and metabolism.

    Formulated with organic apple, naseberry, grapes, lemongrass oil (AHA FPT) and hot paprika, St John’s wort, sage, walnut leaves, horsetail, mallow and lavender oil (PHT) for radiantly healthy, visibly rejuvenated skin.

    The Kit inlcludes 1x AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment 50ml, 1x Paprika Herbal Treatment 50ml.


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    • Apply the AHA Fruit Pulp treatment evenly on the face in a thin layer. Layer the Paprika Herbal Treatment on top of it immediately. Allow it to dry, then peel it off from the top to bottom. Note that the stimulating effect causes a tingling, burning sensation for about 10 minutes, until the mask dries. Please note that this is not an allergic reaction. Do not use in case of histamine sensitivity. If sensitivity, nausea occurs, drink a glass of water with lemon and immediately wash the mask off helps.